I’d rather live as a man chasing his dreams than die as a man full of potential

Elijah Long

Elijah Long is a Producer/Writer and Emmy nominated actor. He is the first African American to join the producing ranks of the Rambo franchise’s 30-year history as Executive Producer. Rambo V: Last Blood, opened in theaters globally September 2019. The film has grossed over 91 million in the Box Office to date. Long followed up the success of Rambo as Executive Producer on the film TESLA, the bio pic of the great inventor Nikola Tesla, starring Ethan Hawke. TESLA premiered in Sundance Film Festival 2020 and was recently purchased by IFC Films.


After receiving the seal of approval from Sean Diddy Combs, Long joined forces with CIROC and Paramount Pictures to Executive Produce the cross-branding commercials for Will Packer’s What Men Want. These commercials became Ciroc’s highest streamed commercials to date.


Elijah Long

Long was groomed to take the driver’s seat after being given the opportunity to co write and pro-duce on All Star Weekend, Jamie Foxx’s directorial debut. He and the Oscar winner worked closely tailoring a script worthy of a star-studded cast which included Gerard Butler, Robert Downey, Jr., Eva Longoria, and DJ Khaled, and more. Long publicly credited Foxx for preparing him for his writing/producing road ahead… Stating “Foxx, expanded my journey and knowledge of filmmaking more than I could have ever dreamed.”